Temdant's Macro Furry and Animal in Media Page

Thanks for a Wonderful 18 Years


From now and to the conceivable future, this page here is all that will be of this site that has been around since July 01, 1997. Its been a great many years with honoring all things big, bigger and biggest as they appear in various media based mediums. I had no intention of updating the old site that was too out of date to work with and it truly is time to move past the old site and put it where it belongs. As a good memory of what was.

While I still don't have the time I wish I did to honor things properly here, I still do want to at least give something more to those that honor these moments as much as I have over the years.  So for now be sure to check out my youtube channel at:


Where you never know what may turn up every now and then if you look up and above you (in other words, subscribe to the channel if you want to see some cool big stuff).  I'll try and post some news and perhaps updates on big things that I take notice of here on this little site. Or make mention of  when I add something new to the youtube site or any other big related updates I can think of that would get a rise out of you.  But for now. This is just going to be an information page and not much more.

I just wanted to thank everyone who has contacted me, enjoyed the content on my youtube page as well as my old site for all the years since I have been inactive. Its great to know that so many enjoy this interest as much as I have and continue to do so throughout the years since I started this collection of macro moments.  So many are now into our interest and its great to see others with their own pages, youtube channels, pictures and the similar all carrying on in the greatness that is macro moments.

You never know what the future may bring here for this site, me or others in general. This isn't a good bye from me, I'll be around somewhere for a long time to come. Hopefully all of you that have been into this from the start or are more recently getting into it, will be for a long time to come too.