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February 25, 2015

Youtube Update


Time to get things going with an update to the Youtube Channel that I haven't dusted off in way too long. And what's better than one giant outgrowing a planet, why two of course battling for size and power. In this short, yet fun moment, feline friends Dash and Dine fight over a wish granting genie and get into growth games when all else fails. Literally out growing the planet in the process. 

It is from the short lived cartoon series "The Twisted Whiskers Show" that ran on the now also short lived cable channel "The Hub Network".  The episode was called "Genie of the Lunchbox".



March 1, 2015

Bigger Little Bear


One of the the most requested episodes to put on my youtube site has been Bigger Little Bear clips from the episode of the same name. Sadly Youtube's monitoring stops it every time I try to upload said moments there and blocks it in most countries. So until (or if) I figure out how to get that up somehow, I guess the next best thing I can offer is a clip to the actual episode itself that someone was somhow able to upload.

Just advance to 16 minutes 1 seconds to the start of the episode and enjoy. Hopefully one day Ill have my own version of the episode on there but until then, at least those who want it can watch it.

March 13, 2015

Youtube Update


Another long over due upload. This of the Spotzilla moments from the 101 Dalmatians episode of "Four Stories Up" where Spot the chicken imagines herself as the towering monster Cluckzilla to get back at all the others who abused her in their stories. And get back at them she does.

Its a fun little episode that has for some classic moments as Spot relishes in her new roll as a destroyer and revenge seeker.


May 26, 2015

Youtube Update


A more obscure find, this time its from a little known cartoon series called "Dorkhunters from Outer Space" which has an episode that spoofs a Godzilla situation. With the main villain who took the form of a  Chihuahua getting hit by a size ray and growing to gigantic proportions as he tries to make lunch out of the Dork Hunters.

A silly episode that is one of those random finds and I couldn't wait to share it with everyone as its always cool to find something out there like this that most probably haven't seen.  It has a blink moment with a giant anthro fish too of all things so just a weird episode all around but fun for what it is.

June 15, 2015

King Size Canary

As some have realized the King Size Canary clip I had up is no longer viewable. That is of course due to Youtube removing it as it was basically the whole episode with just the beginning non macro parts cut out and the powers that be auto found it and removed it from being viewable.  As of now that episode won't be returning as there is no way I can have that show up there without cutting out moments as the whole short is basically one big chain of non stop macro moments as a bird, dog and then mostly a cat and mouse battle for size domination.  At least you can still view the pics and review of it on the page from my old site by clicking to the right. Sorry best I can do for now. Youtube is what it is. Oh well.

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July 20, 2015

Youtube Update


Another month, another update. This time its of an oldie and an interesting moment. From the old animated Sabrina the Teenage Witch Series (the one from the 1970s). We have a moment involving Jughead's Dog, Hot Dog, getting super sized by Sabrina's trouble making young relatives. Now Sabrina has to go through all sorts of tricks to try and prevent Jughead from noticing his now gigantic furry friend.

Not a bad situation considering where its from and when it was made. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wondered what would happen if Hot Dog was super sized. Well now we know.

August 1, 2015
Youtube Update


While not everyone is a fan of the apes getting in on the whole "King Kong" routine, its been a big part of the site and it is one of the most classic monster themes of all. So I can't ignore it and won't. There are many who love this stuff though so I got another giant ape getting in on it. Toto from Superman who would later be known as "Titano" in later editions of his comic book appearance, has a fun growth moment and destruction moments as he kidnaps Lois Lane. 

Of course Superman gets in on it and stops him but its a fun little blink moment that fans of big, bigger and biggest gorilla type monsters should enjoy. For everyone else, more to come.

October 17, 2015
Youtube Update


Another character named Hot Dog gets into the big act in this clip. This time its the rarely seen pet cat of Dennis the Menace. Its a very short blink moment and its from a moment I had on my home page for years as a still capture with Hot Dog's head through the roof of the house. I got many requests to see how that happened and well better late than never. Its very short and quick but its still a cool raise the roof moment. The expression on the now gigantic cat at the end says it all on how he feels of his sudden size change.

December 31, 2015
Youtube Update


Just in time for the New Year we have a classic recombining moment in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. Where a pink alien named Zipp has a never ending appetite. His appetite leads him to start to multiply until the whole city is filled with his clones. The turtles find a way to bring him together using a giant chocolate bar and as was the case in the Slimer episode, recombining that many into one beasts leads to one gigantic beast. A fun yet short lived moment with the now huge hungry beast stomping through the city. 

January 03, 2016
Youtube Update

Happy New Year everyone! To start the New Year I returned the link to the "List of Characters" section of my site. A lot of people were requesting that the particular section of the site  be made easily accessible for viewing as people like to see the reviews and data behind the moments I have up. Even if I am not realistically updating my site anymore. And I agree, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to view that stuff easily. So it's back to easy viewing again. Enjoy the big stuff.